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Hostel of Hawkana

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Hostel of Hawkana

Originally built during the days of the construction of Heaven, the Hostel of the Great Hawkana was established as a resting place for wearied, wealthy travelers which, in those early days of roaming, were usually the Gods, or the First, as they were originally called. The Hostel was a Taj-Mahal like structure complete with lush, perfumed pools, gardens, musicians and its own harems, kept up through the ages by Hawkana the Great Innkeeper. Krishna himself was fabled to have stayed at Hawkana's for several months, where he nearly drank the kind Hawkan's cellar dry. It is also a favorite spot for Prince Siddhartha of Kapil (Sam) who stays here with his 70 retainers every 50 years or so when he comes to Mahartha to purchase a new body. This trip he is served rare pinot noir from “old Urath” and listens to a young boy who remembers how to play “The Blue Danube” on an ancient instrument called a “piano.”

Designed by Barry Ira Geller and Jack Kirby based on Geller's screenplay
Drawn by Jack Kirby
Inked and Lettered by Mike Royer

Inkjet Giclée Print: 20" x 24"
Printed on archival smooth, heavy weight paper.
Shipped flat in an archival, resealable 1mm mylar sleeve.
Signed by Barry Ira Geller and stamped with the official Jack Kirby Museum embossed logo.

Limited edition of 50 individual prints
51-100 for individual print purchases.
1-50 for The LoL Archive Collection purchases.

Also available in The LoL Archive Collection that contains all 14 prints.