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Northeast Corner of Heaven

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Northeast Corner of Heaven

From the Chakra Pyramid, a NASA-type complex, the Thunder Chariot is housed and launched. The Thunder Chariot is equipped with the latest laser, tractor-beam, and repeller-beam electronic weapons. It works off of a combined anti-gravity and jet power. On the exterior of the building there is tier upon tier of colored quartz-crystal panels. As the Thunder Chariot is energized the colors of the panels change until reaching such high oscillation that the panels turn white and the Thunder Chariot is launched.

Designed by Barry Ira Geller and Jack Kirby based on Geller's screenplay
Drawn by Jack Kirby
Inked and Lettered by Mike Royer

Inkjet Giclée Print: 20" x 24"
Printed on archival smooth, heavy weight paper.
Shipped flat in an archival, resealable 1mm mylar sleeve.
Signed by Barry Ira Geller and stamped with the official Jack Kirby Museum embossed logo.

Limited edition of 50 individual prints
51-100 for individual print purchases.
1-50 for The LoL Archive Collection purchases.

Also available in The LoL Archive Collection that contains all 14 prints.