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Planetary Control Room: Reduced Size

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Planetary Control Room: Reduced Size

This print combines the Raga Wheel Vortex and The Hand of Shiva individual prints into a single print, reduced sized print. This is the way Jack Kirby created the Planetary Control Room—meant to be joined together. Drawn as an architectural plans for building the Science Fiction Land Amusement Park in 1980.

Designed by Barry Ira Geller and Jack Kirby based on Geller's screenplay
Drawn by Jack Kirby
Inked and Lettered by Mike Royer

Inkjet Giclée Print: 20" x 24"
Printed on archival smooth, heavy weight paper.
Shipped flat in an archival, resealable 1mm mylar sleeve.
Signed by Barry Ira Geller and stamped with the official Jack Kirby Museum embossed logo.

Limited edition of 50 individual prints
51-100 for individual print purchases.
1-50 for The LoL Archive Collection purchases.

About the Planetary Control Room
In the Novel, there is nothing called the Planetary Control Room. Descriptions of it first appeared in the Lord of Light screenplay. The idea was born from Roger’s scenario in the beginning of the novel where Sam, in the guise of Prince Siddhartha, enters a holy temple. Announcing his wish to speak with Brahma, Sam is told by a local priest, “all may pray to God, my son.” But Sam replies to the amazed Priest, “No thanks. I just want to use your telephone.” This inner sanctum’s holy secret was none other than a large TV screen hooked up to Heaven, by which the Gods communed with their priests.

Also available in The LoL Archive Collection that contains all 14 prints or in the Giant Planetary Control Room, at its full 40" x 24" size!